General Care

Regardless of age, general foot comfort is important in maintaining enjoyable everyday activity. Corns, calluses, warts, ingrown nails, fungal nails, tinea infections and even cracked heels can all impair our foot function and lead to pain. Thankfully, in most instances, these conditions can be treated and we'll provide you with further education to help reduce the risk of reoccurrence.

Ingrown nails

Some causes of Ingrown nails are through trauma, poor foot care, poor nail cutting technique, bunions, tight footwear, or simply genetics. Although they are painful for anybody who may suffer from them, ingrown nails present a greater risk to certain people Those with diabetes, poor circulation or impaired sensation are at greater risk of infection and further complications meaning specialist care is required. Often, simple conservative treatment by one of our podiatrists is enough to manage this problem; however, for those with more chronic cases we offer a permanent solution. A minor surgical procedure, performed in our clinic under local anaesthetic, is all that is needed for a lifetime of relief. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding this treatment or to make an appointment.


Biomechanical problems can have significant impact on the legs, pelvis and lower back - and obviously the feet. Foot orthotics are designed to support, align and improve the function of the feet and lower limbs during gait. The orthotics apply forces to the feet, enabling the podiatrist to alter certain movements or offload stress within the tissues. Orthotics provide pain relief and ongoing support to allow for realignment of the knees, hips and spine, thereby providing relief for a range of musculoskeletal problems not limited to the feet. Patients with arthritis, diabetes or circulatory conditions are at increased risk, thereby orthotics can act as an effective preventative treatment.

Children Podiatry & Toe walking

Our paediatric specialist Podiatrists are experts with early intervention and detection of many childhood foot and gait conditions. Physical issues which may cause toe walking include; physical therapy exercises to strengthen and stretch muscles in the legs and feet. To correct the gait, our team will access as to whether a custom Orthotic which specifically and exclusively designed and sold through Mentone Podiatry or Braces/ splints are the appropriate therapy solutions.

Sport Injuries

Acute and chronic foot & ankle sports injuries are common amongst people of all age groups and activity levels. It is also a common presentation of pro and semi-pro athletes and sports men and women. Most foot and ankle sports injuries are managed conservatively with ice, rest, braces, splints and air boots and you may return to normal activity levels within a few weeks. However a thorough assessment by a foot & ankle specialist is vital to eliminate serious problems.


Diabetes is one of the more common conditions affecting Australians’ today. It has the potential to compromise foot health due to its negative effects on the circulatory and nervous systems of the feet. Patients with diabetes can often be at a greater risk of infection and ulceration of the feet due to this reduced sensation and poor blood supply. Therefore, it is recommended by health care professionals and Diabetes Australia to have a foot health check at least every 12 months. At Mentone Podiatry we can provide a comprehensive health check, treat any relevant problems and provide education and advice to ensure the effects on your foot health is minimal.